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Letter re opening 28 may 2020 

Dear All,

You have all by now been contacted to establish if you would like your child to access some form of schooling during the remaining summer term. Please refer to my letter regarding how we are going to achieve this safely and so that all of those who have requested some provision are able to get it.

We are continuing to love seeing examples of your work, pictures and messages through Class Dojo. If you haven’t yet signed up – please do so, as it is a great way to set and receive work as well as communicating during this period.

As stated in the letter, I will send you individual arrangements so that you can see exactly when schooling may occur.

Colin Marshall, Acting Head


Dear Parents and Carers


Firstly, we hope that you all are and remain safe and well. School continues to be open only to children as agreed with the Acting Head, in order to support the Covid-19 response.


The entire St Clare’s staff thank you all for your continued patience, cooperation and resilience during this very testing time. We are highly aware that the situation has caused great demands on families and we can be collectively proud of the way in which we have responded to this unique global event.


Work packs have been posted out and where needed, we have supplemented this as required. Should you need anything do feel free to contact us at school by our normal telephone number or through the Class Dojo app. If you have yet to log on to Class Dojo, I would urge you to do so as this platform is a fabulous way of maintaining a more personal link with school. It is very easy to use and record short footage, photos of work and play. The images of our students smiling and undertaking exercise, crafts and displaying the work they have undertaken really brightens up our days and I hope you have enjoyed seeing your class staff where messages have been left.


You will all be wondering when we will get back to some kind of normality? The Prime Minister laid out early plans around how education will be offered and we are awaiting clearer guidance as to how this will occur from the Department for Education later this week. This will in turn be considered by our Multi Academy Trust and we will work together to ensure that we have a robust plan that very much ensures the safety and wellbeing of pupils, their families and staff as an utmost priority. Please refer to the most recent letter issued by our CEO Julian Scholefield that we have uploaded on the right of the screen.


We can assure you that any decisions made will be based on the basis of the evidence we have and will consider the constraints and parameters we face in our setting. We will of course make sure that we shall communicate as to when we will begin to open more widely, depending on what our planning and risk assessments tell us.  We will make the best possible decision about what is workable at St Clare’s in the safest timescales.  This is all dependent on the most up-to-date assessment of the risk posed by the virus.


Without doubt, there will be a mixed feelings around the potential gradual opening of school. Whilst we are keen to see you all again, we will all naturally also have some anxiety around the continued risk the virus poses. May I reassure you that, whilst we have remained open for a specific set of pupils, our measures have proved highly effective with no issues noted. Where you have concerns or questions you will be listened to and we welcome your contacting us so that we may help in any way we can.


Should there be any issues you are facing and need help with, even if they may not seem school related, we urge you to contact us. We may well be able to support or suggest agencies that could. We continue to be open with a member of senior staff in daily.


Lastly, we must pay special tribute to your children for who this uncertain time as meant a great change to their lives. We are enormously proud of them and when it is safe and right to once again be together, we will look forward to moving forward together.

Colin Marshall, Acting Head

Welcome to St Clare’s School!

It is a pleasure for me to write these few words of welcome on behalf of the students, staff and governors.

I know that the St Clare’s team is one of the best in Derby. Everyone shares the belief that our students deserve the very best in terms of care, support and the opportunity to achieve. We know that our students are remarkable and they all have unique abilities. We are very fortunate to be working with them.

Visitors often comment on the warmth of their welcome from staff and students alike. We pride ourselves on our school values which we teach as part of our curriculum. We all share a code of behaviour which was drawn up by the students and is based on mutual respect and support.

When I asked The School Council what we did well at St Clare’s they all said: “care, support, friendship and learning”. They also said “St Clare’s is where we can reach our goals”. This is the inspiration behind our new logo.

St Clare’s has been judged as “Outstanding” by Ofsted in our last three inspections and the Local Authority also endorse this. We pride ourselves on the progress that all of our students make whilst in our care. We provide opportunities to achieve in many areas both academically and beyond. We make sure that we tailor our provision to the needs of our students.

We are thoroughly committed to safeguarding our students. We are also thoroughly committed to ensuring equality of opportunity for everyone at St Clare’s. St Clare’s school has been an “Investor in People” for some years now and will continue to be so. A significant number of teachers are trained in coaching skills in order to support both each other and the students.

We have designed this website to help you find out about St Clare’s. We hope you find it informative and that it gives you an insight into St Clare’s and what we can offer you.

Please feel free to call and discuss your child’s needs and make an appointment to look around the school.




St Clare’s Mission Statement

St Clare’s School is committed to providing learning opportunities through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which allows all to achieve and celebrate success. We recognize that many of our students achieve through the support and care offered within our community. We believe that students achieve the most when they feel safe, secure and valued. Our core values underpin the way we behave towards each other and those in our wider community. We believe that all of our students have the potential to enhance our community with their unique skills and abilities and we aim to help them contribute to society by building these skills. We encourage students to be as independent as possible in preparation for life beyond St Clare’s.


St Clare's School


A Welcome From St Clare’s School Council

These are some messages from our School Council Representatives about St Clare’s

  • Welcome to our website and our school!
  • At St Clare’s you’ll like the teachers, they are fantastic.
  • The teachers are really nice and kind.
  • The learning is interesting and you take part in lots of different activities.
  • We go on good visits outside of school
  • We really enjoy going on our Chinese Meal
  • We don’t have bullies because the teachers sort it out
  • We are a friendly school and we care for each other
  • I have made new friends since I came here
  • This is a really nice place where we work hard and play hard
  • We respect each other and we are friendly
  • It’s an amazing place
  • We get to learn new things
  • Everyone is really helpful especially if you have needs
  • People hold the door for you
  • We get rewarded for doing well


If you would like further information regarding our school please contact Mrs Satchwell or Mrs Smith in the first instance, who will able to direct you to the most appropriate person to deal with your enquiry.

You can contact the office by using the contacts tab at the top of this page and filling the electronic enquiry form. You can also contact the school by:

Telephoning: 01332 511757


Emailing: admin@stclares.derby.sch.uk