April newsletter 2019

St Clare’s School News

Spring Term 2019

Dear Parents and Carers


School News


The spring term is a very busy time of year with a lot of extra-curricular events taking place. We have been fortunate to be part of a National Schools Programme coordinated by the University College of London looking at ways that schools remember the Holocaust. Historically, St Clare’s has always taken this event very seriously and it has been good that we have been able to pass on our knowledge to a wider audience. Many thanks to Mr Hill and Mrs Gelsthorpe for their involvement in this. The children have received back some postcards from survivors of the Holocaust who they wrote to which is a very humbling experience. Mrs Gelsthorpe also took the Year 9 students to the Beth Shalom museum as part of the Holocaust memorial events at school.


Mr Hill continues to make international links by twinning our school with the Anne Frank Schule in Germany and he plans to visit teachers involved with this project next term. We have also exchanged greetings with children from this school.


Mr Hill has been very busy this term as he has also coordinated a project at the Quad in Derby for Year 10 students to produce an animation on the “War Horse” which has now been published. Students have also produced some very imaginative photography work which is on display at school.


Mr Stafford and Mrs Rawson gave up a weekend to go with two students on the Battlefields Tour which was both thought provoking and moving. Mr Stafford and Mrs Gelsthorpe also took a group of students to Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth celebrations. My thanks go to the staff and students who represented the school so well.


On the creative front, we had our usual three days of creative arts where children had the chance to sample a range of artistic and creative approaches to their work. We hope that this will help them progress in other areas of their development and it also gave some inspiration for the “Big Writing” experience which followed after. We also joined in with World Book day and issued book vouchers to all the students. During this period we also celebrated Chinese New Year and our thanks go to the kitchen staff for providing a Chinese inspired meal on that day.


Year 10 students have been working with Derby University on a number of creative therapeutic projects. Year 10 have also been to Forensics House at Derby University as part of their science studies. Many thanks to Mrs Webber for organising this. As part of their citizenship studies Mrs Gelsthorpe has taken Year 10 students to the Galleries of Justice.


Sinfonia Viva have been working with a variety of students on some very inspiring musical projects and my thanks go to these very talented and dedicated staff for working so well with our students. Year 9 students have been to the Riverside Centre to see Sinfonia Viva perform to celebrate the work they have been doing all term.


Year 7 students have continued to settle into the new routines of a secondary school well and they have welcomed some visitors to talk to them about Fire Safety and Hand Washing.


There is an air of excitement in school as the rehearsals are in full swing for the Annual St Clare’s has got Talent Show due to be performed on the afternoon of Thursday 2nd May. The dancers among the performers have already been to the Riverside to perform in the annual Celebration of Dance production and as ever they were very impressive. Thanks to Mrs Hunt and Mrs Thornhill for this and to Mrs Rawson for her relentless efforts with the Talent Show.


Towards the end of term we held a Parent and Carer evening for students in Year 10 and 11 focusing on their exam and end of school preparations. We were pleased to see so many parents and carers looking happy with their child’s progress. We were grateful for Mrs Morley from Connexions being present to give advice about post 16 transition. Many thanks to Mr Jackson for his efforts with this evening and please contact him if you need any further advice about transition.


Year 11 students have worked really hard on their textile, art and English exams and they come back after Easter for the final push to achieve the best they can ready for moving onto college next September.


Other News


We continue to work closely with the Esteem Multi Academy Trust and plans are still that we will join this MAT in the very near future. We will keep you updated with proceedings. Plans are that St Clare’s will also start to admit primary aged children by September 2021 with funding from Derby City to help us adapt accommodation in light of this. Again, we will keep you updated as plans unfold.


So, a busy but successful term. We look forward to the summer term which I am sure will be equally busy but rewarding.


Key Dates


Summer Term resumes on Monday 29th April

Thursday 2nd May in the afternoon St Clare’s has got Talent Show

Friday 3rd May is an Inset Day for teacher moderation and Learning Support Assistants to revise administering medication procedures.

Monday 6th May – Bank Holiday J

Half Term Monday 27th to Friday 31st May J


In the meantime, we all wish you a very Happy Easter! Stay safe and we will see you in the Summer Term.




Kind Regards

Megan Stratton, Head St Clare’s