Behaviour Management

Behaviour at St Clare’s

Our school is vision “Where we meet our goals! Success through Care, Support, Friendship and Learning” can only be met within an environment where all feel safe and supported and our behaviour policy is the document that sets out our approach to creating and maintaining such an atmosphere.

Our behaviour policy determines our corporate response to rewarding, challenging, monitoring and responding to behaviours in a corporate way that ensures consistency and is therefore most effective. Behaviours that challenge are addressed in a positive, appropriate way and recognise the needs of the individual. Rather than “punishments”, we have established a culture of “consequences” that includes post incident learning, restorative justice and repairing relationships through solution focussed outcomes. We do not punish behaviours as we firmly believe this is ineffective and counter-productive.

The new pastoral system (launched September 2015) has been developed with opinions of all stakeholders and crucially, pupils have contributed heavily in the creation of the new system and a review of its impact (School Council Oct 2015).

We recognise that our diverse cohort may display challenging behaviour through negative life experiences, learning delays or behaviours associated with their specific special educational needs.

Whilst we understand that we must have outstanding behaviour for outstanding progress, negative behaviours will on occasions be presented by our increasingly diverse cohort. It is our duty to respond to these accordingly and, even when such behaviours challenge us, we will treat all young people with dignity and respect.

We seek to address issues and teach alternative, positive choices. Our culture is one of togetherness and celebrating positive actions and based on respectful relationships.

At St Clare’s the personal development, behaviour and welfare of learners is addressed holistically. Through our curriculum and systems all pupils will develop pride in personal achievement and a commitment to learning by ensuring;

  • we develop self-confidence, self-awareness and an understanding of how to be a successful learner
  • that all pupils have prompt and regular attendance
  • that we teach how to manage their own feelings, behaviour and relationships
  • we promote personal development, so that they are well prepared to respect others and contribute to wider society and life in Britain
  • we recognise that behaviours exhibited are not personal, but symptomatic of other issues that we have a responsibility to address them

Rewards and Achievements at St Clare’s

At St Clare’s, we strongly believe that good behaviour and effort deserves rewarding and celebrating. Pupils may earn merits for undertaking learning in a positive way, but also through displaying school values and taking on additional tasks. Progress against individual targets can also be rewarded with additional merits and as these accumulate, students earn badges and certificates to recognise meeting certain key landmarks.

Merits attained to be awarded badge/certificates
100 500 750 1000 1500 2000
 100  500  750  1000  1500  2000


We have taken elements of the school logo for our badges (which were co-designed with the Joint Chairs of the School Council).

Each term, the Senior Management of the school nominate pupils for a Progress Leaf badge – these are not linked to numbers of merits, but celebrate individual progress in a key area (such as communication, behaviour, academic progress, social development and friendship). Progress badges are leaf shaped and symbolise personal growth (see right). progress


All staff may celebrate any positive aspect of a students work or behaviour by awarding certificates to any two pupils of their choosing for a half-termly Certificate Assembly. These add up and can be “cashed-in” for prizes in a special and very popular celebration event. Excellent behaviour and attendance also contribute into this reward system.

At the end of every school year, we take nominations for Pupil of the Year in each tutor group and this is rewarded with a medal. The nominees go in to a school-wide vote for overall Pupil of the Year. The winner is awarded a shield and their name joins previous winners on a large display shield in the school foyer.


For further information on our positve behaviour systems please contact Mr Marshall, Acting Head