Charging Policies

St Clare’s Charging and Remissions Policy






Private Telephone Calls


Local short duration calls 20p. National and long duration calls 50p.

Calls to mobile phones 50p + dependent on length of call.


Private use of FAX


50p each fax


Private Photocopying

A4 single sided : 5p per sheet/colour 10p

A4 double sided : 10p per sheet/colour 20p

A3 single sided : 15p per sheet/colour 20p

A3 double sided : 25p per sheet/colour 30p






A  Residential Courses in school time – with Board and Lodgings cost only Parents required to meet full cost except children with statements specifying residence and children eligible for free school meals, where charges should be remitted by school.
B  Activities outside school hours not within the National Curriculum Parents meet full cost, except for children with statements specifying residence when activities take place during normal residential period.
C  Individual Instrumental Music Tuition School may bring outside tutors in, within school at a charge to parents.  However , if part of National Curriculum, or a prescribed public examination, parents cannot be charged
D  Dual Examination Entries Charged to Parents
E  Extra examination entries/re-sits without tuition Charged to Parents
F  Exams  not on the list prescribed by the Secretary of State Charged to Parents
G  ‘Wasted’ exam entries Parents charged when exam wasted without reason acceptable to school, otherwise school pays.
H  Ingredients/materials for practical subjects Parents encouraged to provide materials for practical subjects, but no child must be disadvantaged because of parents’ inability/reluctance to pay.  Where necessary, school will pay.
I   Lost school equipment, books etc. Parents may be expected to replace or purchase items of lost property.
J  Breakages and damages to school buildings, furniture or property Parents to be made aware that wilful damage to school buildings or property may be charged to parents by the school.