Closing The Gap – Pupil Premium

Reducing the deprivation factor for our students.


It is acknowledged that students who come from privileged backgrounds do well with their education regardless of which country they originate from – Andreas Schleicher – OECD in report compiled by John Dunford, 2014.

The aim of the pupil premium monies is for schools to reduce the gap between those pupils from very privileged backgrounds and those who are not. Children with Special Needs come from various socio economic backgrounds but it could be argued that all students with Special Needs are disadvantaged. We also acknowledge that in addition to this many of our children and their parents are economically disadvantaged.

St Clare’s is totally committed to addressing inequality. Our school curriculum is designed to be broad, balanced and to enrich students experiences of life and to give them opportunities to succeed beyond the classroom.

Our Continuing Professional Development theme is “Communication”. A child’s ability to communicate effectively underpins their success in education and beyond. For over six years the focus of training and support for staff and hence children has centred around this theme.


Pupil Premium Funding

We have invested in the following interventions to support students:

  • Makaton training – all staff are trained to foundation level and we have a regional Makaton Tutor
  • “Read, Write Inc.” phonics – all staff have been trained in this programme to support the students
  • Speech and Language Disorders – training for staff
  • SALT input for children identified with speech and language needs
  • Dyslexia support and training
  • Learn to Read Programmes which give significant support to small groups of children with reading difficulties

We acknowledge the impact of encouraging creative thinking. We have a creative arts week once a year and also have Arts mark status. We also invested in a music teacher to teach music to all Year 7, 8 and 9 students.

We work tirelessly to support the emotional development of our students. Promoting self-esteem and self-confidence is something St Clare’s excels at. We run a tutorial programme which visits our core values and we teach about these values in assemblies.

The following projects help to promote this:

  • The School Production – St Clare’s has Got Talent
  • International Days
  • Horticulture days
  • Darley Barn Outdoor Education Events
  • Enterprise Week
  • Residential trips
  • Reward trips

We have invested significantly in ICT. Every student has their own laptop with software to support their individual needs. ICT has a profound impact on the abilities of children with SEN.

Everyone at St Clare’s is committed to Safeguarding out community. All staff are trained with the NSPCC in Child Protection and we believe it is a significant strength of the school.

High standards of behaviour are expected and staff receive training to assist with this.

The Senior Leadership team has undertaken a programme of coaching to support staff and maintain pupil progress as outstanding.

We acknowledge the impact that teaching our children to think (metacognition) has and we have invested significant amounts of training on a thinking skills programme.


Pupil Premium 2017 / 2018

Income Received £63,236


Music tuition £8000

Learning Outside the Classroom £3000

Speech and Language £ 20000

Educational Psychology £1800

School improvement partnership £1500

Vocational Education £10500

Laptops/ tablets £3000

Swimming tuition £3000

Enterprise; Creative Arts; school productions £1500

Visiting speakers £1000

Staff training £3500

Residential visit £3000

Ofsted Reward Trip £2000

Pantomime £1000

Commonwealth and Battlefields trips £500

Horticulture £500

Rewards £300

Breakfast Club £200

Youth Club subsidy £30

Uniform £20

Impact is that all pupil premium students achieve above or in line with their peers in all subject areas and in across all year groups.


DfE Performance Table Figures published January 2018 show:


% disadvantaged student at the end of Key Stage 4 is 72%.

Overall Progress 8 score -2.03 (89% of students were included in this score)

Progress 8 score for disadvantaged students -2.17 showing no significant variation overall in progress.


Internally held data also provides evidence that there is no significant variation between the progress made between all students and disadvantaged students.



Pupil Premium 2016 / 2017

Income Received 

Estimated at £45,815

St Clare’s Has Talent Show £400

Music Tuition £4600

Eco –trip £1267

Enterprise Activities £400

Darley Barn £1609

Residential s £1000

Horticulture £946

College £ 24000

Youth Club £42

Total £60043


Pupil Premium Costings 2015/2016

Income received £43,945

Whole School training in:

Team Teach  £5903

Autism Interventions £ 1490

Read, Write Inc £2380

Makaton £130.

Speech and Language therapy £ 9195

ICT resources £ 3,000

Learn Pads  £3281

Creative Arts Days Cover £400



Pupil Premium Costings  2014/2015

Income – £61,758

Expenditure –

  • College – £14,574
  • SALT – £14,995
  • Intervention with Learn to Read one day per week – £8,000
  • Darley Barn – £2,100
  • Enterprise Week – supply – £975
  • Residential – £1,230
  • IT Technician – ½ day per week – £2,225
  • LSA to cover small groups – £6,000
  • Music tuition – £2,389
  • Whole school child protection training – £1,657
  • Willow Dome construction £395
  • Whole school behaviour management training – £1,977
  • Whole school solution focus training – £1,500
  • Trim trail – £6,000
  • Eco trip – supply – £900
  • Belgium trip – supply – £585
  • School production – supply – £390
  • International Day – supply – £195

Total – £66,087

Pupil Premium Impact

2015/16 Impact Data

Fisher Family Trust data shows that Pupil Premium students consistently perform in line or better than non pupil premium students who demonstrate outstanding progress.

For more information contact the head teacher for a detailed report.


FFT Aspire data indicators.

FFT Aspire data 2014 indicates that pupils at St Clare’s achieved on average 8 points above the national pupil progress average for comparable students, with our Pupil Premium young people making on average 10points progress above the national average for comparable students.

FFT Aspire data for 2015 indicates that Pupil premium and non-pupil premium pupils at St Clare’s achieved on average 7 points above the national pupil progress average for comparable students.

FFT Aspire data for Derby for 2015 states that St Clare’s School students made the 3rd best pupil progress for Maths of all secondary schools in the Derby City area for pupil progress in the examination year 2015. The data states the Average pupil progress point score is +9.6.


Read Write Inc

The Read Write Inc intervention has supported our disadvantaged young people in making better or equal progress in their “Speed Sound Sets” when compared to whole school progress. Progress for 2014-15 cohort:

Pupil Premium VS Overall Starting percentage
Under 50 50-80 80-90 90-95
Year group Year 7 Average increase in group%

Pupil premium cohort %

27.42% 9.92%




Year 8 Average increase in group%

Pupil premium cohort %





5.02% 1.84%


Year 9 Average increase in group%

Pupil premium cohort %

33.11% 5.69% 4.24%




Year 10 Average increase in group%

Pupil premium cohort %









Overall improvement %

Overall Pupil prem cohort %