Curriculum Design and Overviews 2020-2021

The curriculum at St Clare’s has been designed to meet the needs of students’ academic and social needs. It has been designed with input from our students through the school council, and from feedback and consultation from all staff, and has been designed to take into account national curriculum initiatives.

For an outline of the school day times, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

We have 13 tutor groups at St Clare’s. There are:

  • three in Year 7
  • two in Year 8
  • three in Year 9
  • three in year 10 
  • two in Year 11

Students in Key Stage 3 undertake a curriculum which includes:

  • English
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Citizenship
  • Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)
  • French
  • Geography
  • History
  • Religious Education
  • Art
  • Food Technology
  • Design Technology
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT/Computer Studies)
  • Swimming (Year 7&8)
  • Tutorial Values program

Students in Key Stage 4 undertake a variety of different pathways and have the opportunity to access the following Qualifications:

  • Mathematics (Entry Level & foundation GCSE)
  • Maths Functional Skills (Entry Level)
  • English (Entry Level)
  • English Language (GCSE)
  • Science (Entry Level & GCSE)
  • Art (Entry Level & GCSE)
  • Religious Education (Entry Level & Level 1)
  • PSHE (Entry Level & Level 1)
  • Physical Education (Entry Level)
  • Sports Leaders Level 1
  • ICT – Functional skills (Entry & Level 1)
  • Food Technology or Design Technology (Entry Level)
  • ASDAN (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • Personal Progress Entry Pathways
  • Through our college link programme our young people will access Skills for Working Life and either a course in Construction, Landscaping or Hair & Beauty.

Students at KS4 also follow a literacy programme to enhance communication skills, Citizenship and Tutorial Values lessons


As part of an enhanced curriculum, young people at St Clare’s also participate in Horticulture and Creative Arts days, extra curricular clubs and activities, the John Muir Award and Enterprise initiatives.

Curriculum Overviews

Academic Year 20/21


If you would like further information on the courses or curriculum we offer please contact the school and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.


The School Day

Due to Covid-19 start times and leaving times have been staggered to prevent over-crowding.

8:50-9:05      Students Arrive at School

Some students may participate in a Physical Literacy program or Social Skills activity.

9:05-9:30      Registration, Assembly, Tutor Time

9:30-11:00    Lesson 1 & 2

11:00-11:15  Break Time

11:15-12:45  Lesson 3 & 4

12:45-1:35    Lunch Time

1:35-1:45      PM Registration

1:45-3     Lesson 5 & 6

from 3 to 3:20              End of the School Day