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Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 – Don’t Stand By

On Wednesday 27th January, students at St Clare’s School depended their knowledge and understanding about the Holocaust and other examples of genocide. After a whole school assembly students went back to the classroom and undertook a range of activities around the Holocaust Memorial Day theme- Don’t stand by.

Some of the activities students participated in and developed their wider knowledge about were – looking into designs for a memorial garden, a drama session based on the Kindertransport, thinking about how genocide can develop and research into individuals who did not stand by but helped the Jewish community and others.

Throughout the day, students were reminded of our school values such as tolerance, compassion and equality.

Each student was given a “leaf” to write their own personal messages on and this was added to our “tree of hope” painting in the reception area.




Autumn Photos taken by a year 11 undertaking Photography as part of their pathway.

Students Photography Autumn Photos

Students Photography Autumn Photos

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