Governing Body/Trustees/Members of Esteem

Our Governing Body consists of 8 members.  They are:-

  • 1 Head Teacher
  • 1 Staff Elected Governor (elected by staff)
  • 2 Elected Parent Governors (elected by Parents/Carers)
  • 4 Co-opted Governors (appointed by Governing Body)
  • If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the Clerk to Governors at


All Governors service to school is for 4 years before they need to be replaced, re-elected or re-appointed.


Different Types of Governor:

Parent Governors – parents or carers elected by other parents or carers with children at the school, (when there is a vacancy for a parent governor all parents/carers are contacted by letter/website and are asked for nominations, if there are more nominations than vacancies then parents/carers are asked to take part in a vote to elect the parent governors. The Governing Body may appoint parent governors if it is not possible to fill the places by election.

Staff Governor – elected by staff by a vote when a vacancy arises.

Co-opted Governor – individuals who are approached by the Governing Body on the basis of a significant contribution which they can make to the school

Associate Members – Governing Body may appoint associate members to sit on committee

Members and Trustees | Esteem MAT

Governance | Esteem MAT

Register of Interests

The Governing Body must ensure that Governors are not involved in activities that might conflict with their role within the school.  As such a register of interest must be made available on the school website.

This document is updated fully each year and reviewed throughout the year.  It is the Governors responsibility to make the school aware of any changes during the year.

Please click on the document below to view the Register of Interests

The Governors Links and Responsibilities
03.2 St Clare’s Link Governors 2019-20(1)

Governors at St Clare’s reside on a range of committees:

Full Governors Meeting Schedule for 20/21

17 September 2020


Full Governors Board

15 October 2020


Full Governors Board

19 November 2020


Full Governors Board

10 December 2020


Full Governors Board

21 January 2021


Full Governors Board

25 February 2021


Full Governors Board

25 March 2021


Full Governors Board

22 April 2021


Full Governors Board

20 May 2021


Full Governors Board

24 June 2021


Full Governors Board

15 July 2021


Full Governors Board


Composition of the Governing Body

Area of Responsibility Governor
Safeguarding and year 9 Sue Allen
Year 7 / Relationships and sex education Claire Jackson
Finance / performance management + year 10 Amy Rush
Looked after children (LAC) child protection/ year 11/ careers Laraine Tuplin
SEN + special responsibility for Autism Debbie Stocks
Health and Safety + British Values Kathryn Popple
Training Clerk to governors


Members of the Governing Body


Board of Governors
15.10.19 18.11.19 12.12.19 13.02.20 29.04.20 11.06.20 07.07.20 TOTAL
Colin Marshall N/A Y Y Y Y Y Y 100%
Amy Rush Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 100%
Laraine Tuplin Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 100%
Patrick Hill Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 100%
Debbie Stocks Y Y Y N Y Y Y 86%
Claire Jackson Y Y N Y Y Y Y 86%
Sue Allen Y Y N Y N Y Y 71%
Helen States N/A N/A N Y Y Y N 60%
Matt Vernon N N/A N N 0%


Title Forename Surname Email Address Governor Type Term Expiry
Miss Laura Russell Head Teacher N/A
Miss Amy Rush Chair 01/11/2021
Mrs Debbie Stocks N/A Co-opted 29/04/2024
Mrs Helen States N/A Parent 18/11/2023
Mrs Laraine Tuplin N/A Co-opted 01/09/2023
Mrs Claire Jackson N/A Parent 01/03/2022
Mrs Sue Allen N/A Co-opted 01/10/2021
Mrs Kathryn Popple N/A Staff 25/01/2025


Governors declaration of interest

Position Term Register of interest Chair/Vice-Chair Last updated
Debbie Stocks Co-opted 29/04/2024 Staff member 2020/21
Amy Rush Co-opted 01/11/2021 Speech & Language Therapist at St Clare’s Chair of Governors 2020/21
Laraine Tuplin Co-opted 01/09/2023 Mickleover Methodist Church Trustee Vice-Chair of Governors 2020/21
Sue Allen Co-opted 01/10/2021 None 2020/21
Claire Jackson Parent 01/03/2022 Self-employed foster carer for Derby City Council 2020/21
Helen States Parent 18/11/2023 None 2019/20
Kathryn Popple Appointed by Academy members 25/01/2025  Staff member 2020/21


If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the Clerk to Governors at

Clerk to Governors – Emma Kealey

Term of Office – 4 years

Governors Code of Conduct 

Governor Induction Policy 

If you are interested in becoming a governor please contact the Clerk to the Governors on

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Trustees/Members of Esteem

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