School Council

Welcome From St Clare’s School Council


St Clare’s has a very active school council. Each class appoints a representative and a vice representative. The school council meets regularly with the Head Teacher to discuss and air their views on the development of the school and to discuss issues affecting their peers and the wider school community.


These are some messages from our School Council Representatives about St Clare’s:

  • Welcome to our new website and to a new beginning!
  • At St Clare’s you’ll like the teachers, they are fantastic.
  • The teachers are really nice and kind.
  • The learning is interesting and you take part in lots of different activities.
  • We go on good visits outside of school
  • We really enjoy going on our Chinese Meal
  • We don’t have bullies because the teachers sort it out
  • We are a friendly school and we care for each other
  • I have made new friends since I came here
  • This is a really nice place where we work hard and play hard
  • We respect each other and we are friendly
  • It’s an amazing place
  • We get to learn new things
  • Everyone is really helpful especially if you have needs
  • People hold the door for you
  • We get rewarded for doing well