St Clare’s Uniform Code and Belongings

We wish to allow pupils to develop as individuals and recognise that this is important to the development of each young person’s sense of identity. We also believe it is important to establish and maintain a strong sense of community and that providing a consistent, predictable environment is vital to the emotional welfare of many of our young people. To address this, we have established the following dress code;

Clothing/appearance Notes
Trousers (tailored shorts in summer)Skirts (No shorter than knee length) Black or grey
Polo shirt, shirt or blousePLAIN


Black or white
Jumper, cardigan or sweaterPLAIN


Footwear. To be safe for working in technology lessons (no open toes or steel toe-capped shoes). Black
Jewellery No facial jewellery at all. Ear studs only. Jewellery should be avoided unless religiously significant.
Hair Hair must not be ‘extreme’ in style. We reserve the right to ask such judgements to be corrected.
Make-up We do not mind subtle make-up but reserve judgement to ask that, what make-up senior leadership judge excessive, is removed.Some make-up may be used as an independence/ self-help skill as part of a lunchtime club.

Jumpers, cardigans and polo shirts embroidered with the school logo are available to order via the school office (01332 511757) but are not essential and you may choose plain items that comply with the school code (above). Please click the link to download our a Uniform Order form, please pass this into the School Office for ordering.

Uniform Order Form with office control box

PE Kit

Black or white training shoes

Plain colour ‘T’ shirt

Plain colour sweatshirt – NO LOGOS

Plain shorts or jogging trousers/leggings.

Please mark all items with your child’s name so they can be returned should they get lost.

Hair and Jewellery

Extreme hair styles are not allowed. This includes shaven sides and longer crown hair, lines and designs cut into hair, Mohican styles and brightly dyed hair.

Students are encouraged not to wear jewellery, but may wear a watch, one pair of stud earrings and any items relating to the student’s religion, e.g. cross and chain, metal Karha etc. Facial jewellery is not permitted. In the interests of safety, rings and other items of jewellery are not to be worn in school.

Personal Belongings

All personal belongings should be clearly marked with the student’s name. Any money should be handed in to the Class Tutor for safekeeping. Valuable items such as radios, CDs or MP3 players must not be brought into school.

Mobile telephones are not allowed onto the school premises and must be left at home unless there are exceptional situations and prior consent has been given by the Head Teacher.

Parents should note that the school cannot accept liability for the loss or damage of personal property. Anything found should be handed in to a member of staff or the school office.