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  1. Rebecca Hall

    I used to be a student at the school till I left in 2015, I had such great help and I’ve achieved so much since then, I’ve completed 4 years at college, I have a part-time Job working at a recruitment agency, I’m in a very commited and lovely relationship with my boyfriend and we’ve been together a year and now we’ve just became parents to the most beautiful little girl our little princess Hope-Autumn who is just 2 weeks old and she is our world. I am greatly impressed by the staff of the school and I just want to say thanks.

  2. Richard Bradbury

    I used to be a student at the school till I left in 1998, I had such great help I even achieved my dream job and joined the army, I am greatly impressed by the staff of the school and I just want to say thanks.

  3. Jim Adams - NSPCC Childline

    Thank you for allowing us to deliver safeguarding assembly and workshops in your school. The children were a credit to you and the staff made us feel welcome. The staff demonstrated that they are caring and supportive to your special children. Keep up the good work.
    Jim Adams
    NSPCC Childline.

  4. Verity Mynard, Assistant Head Teacher, St Giles School

    Thank you so much for showing us around and being so welcoming on Monday. The pupils were really excited afterwards and all day yesterday about their new school.
    It’s the first time I’ve been to look round and all the pupils looked really happy and settled and now when parents ask me about it I can tell them how great it is!

  5. Chris

    I feel very impressed by St Clare’s School. We were made to feel very welcome during our visit and the atmosphere in the staff room was the best I have experienced, an attitude that is taken into the classroom.

    The children are extremely well cared for, and the learning experiences that we witnessed were very positive. Thank you for having us.

  6. Mo Sweeney - Social Worker

    I would like to send a huge thank you to everyone at the school, I had a lovely time with staff and students pandering to my every need, what a fantastic lunch it was. I spoke to a few staff members who clearly love working at the school and do not intend to ever leave, one lady told me that she has worked as a driver at the school for 40 years and has loved every day and intends to carry on working as long as she can at the school. I spoke to a few students who all love the school and staff and proudly spoke about their achievements at school. What a credit to the school the students and staff are!
    Thank you again for inviting me.

    Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.
    Maureen Sweeney

  7. Caroline and Sarah (Fountains High School)

    A lively and friendly school where students are clearly confident and enjoy learning. The school clearly provides students with the opportunity to experience a broad curriculum with excellent outdoor learning opportunities.

  8. Deb (Derby Moors Community Sports College)

    Thank you to all of the students and staff for making my time at your school so enjoyable. I have had a fantastic opportunity to work with the students and learn so much about how well they thrive and work in this wonderful, positive environment.

  9. Andrew (Medical Student)

    Really welcoming fun atmosphere, all the children and staff clearly love being here. I was really impressed by how kids are encouraged to be polite friendly and respectful.

  10. Laura (Enterprise Visitor)

    All staff and pupils are enthusiastic about learning.

  11. Angie (Medical Student)

    I visited the school as part of my paediatric attachment. It was very informative and I had a great time with the students. The teachers were friendly and patient and they made me more aware of the needs and attention that their students require – St Clares is excellent at providing this service.

  12. David (Medical Student)

    Many thanks to all the staff and pupils for making my day so memorable and enjoyable. A real shame we can only spend one day at St Clares.

  13. Heloise (Medical Student)

    I felt very welcome, the teachers are patient and encouraging. It is a calm environment and I am going home with a smile on my face.

  14. Movetine (Comenius Visitor)

    The students behaviour is fantastic… we felt very welcome.

  15. Tuuli (Porkuni Kool Estonia, Comenius Visitor)

    Your school is lovely… all the staff and pupils are very friendly and helpful. I have enjoyed my days in your school, thank you for letting us visit.

  16. David (Medical Student)

    I was very impressed by the friendliness of the school, right from the moment I stepped in the classroom. It is very clear that a message about getting along with each other is very strong in the school.

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